medALERT is a full service occupational medicine provider serving private, public and government employers, as well as most private insurances in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We focus on being sensitive to the needs of your employees by providing personalized, one on one attention. By taking the time to understand your industry-specific needs, we are able to offer preventative and therapeutic care appropriate for your employees and cost effective for your company.



- Jose G. Treviño M.D., M.R.O.

I am a medical doctor trained in internal medicine. Approximately seventeen years ago I became quite interested in occupational medicine for many good reasons some of which I will touch on. I started my medical education and training in my late twenties. I was well formed as a man before I went into the medical field having done many other types of jobs during my formative years. Many of these jobs have been very physically demanding. To mention a few I have been a migrant worker through my junior and high school years. To pay for my undergraduate education I have worked in construction and have even briefly driven an eighteen wheeler. I am personally familiar with heavy labor and I am convinced that it helped in developing my character. I have no regrets regarding my work experiences which have afforded me the ability to honestly say that I can relate very well to both the employee and the employer since I have been both. I believe this is why it was spontaneous for me to adopt the philosophy I have adopted.


Simply stated I believe that when an injured employee comes to see me I am truly treating a unit comprising both the employee directly and the employer indirectly. It soon became quite obvious to me that both the employee and the employer were hurting when there is an injury in the work place.

We providers have significant influence on these injured people. As a doctor, my attitude and suggestions will help a person feel optimistic or not about their prospects. And I do believe that a positive attitude and positive thinking are extremely influential in regaining our health with the greatest brevity.

In summary, MedAlert’s philosophy is to be a partner with you and your employees. We will not skew the system to create invalids of otherwise productive employees. Neither will we skew the system to return employees to work before they are reasonably and medically able putting the employee the employer and our selves in jeopardy.

We will continue to strive for a balanced approach in our business and our treatment of your team members. It is good business for both of us. And it is the right thing to do for employees, our businesses and our community.

-Jose G. Treviño M.D., M.R.O.


Unrivaled understanding of our customers: we maintain an objective perspective on occupational healthcare and the employee-employer relationship.

Aim to provide an unparalleled standard of medical care to heal, treat and prevent further injury with maximum efficiency.

Competitive and cost-effective pricing without sacrificing quality in service.