Minor Emergency/Injury Care

As an occupational medicine provider, medALERT offers minor emergency and injury care. We strive to deliver high quality medical care in a swift and effective manner.

Medical/Wound Care
medALERT providers have the ability to perform triage which ensures that a patient will receive the appropriate care.

When treating a patient, medALERT not only aspires to heal, but to educate as well. While administering exceptional wound care, a prime concern for medALERT is that the patient leaves our facility fully informed on how to care for their wounds during the healing process, thus ensuring a speedier recovery.

In house X-Ray
Through our in-house X-ray capabilities, medALERT is able to determine fractures and strains on the spot. Because we do not have to refer out our X-rays, you save time and money.

For patients who require rehabilitation, medALERT offers primary level physical rehab. Through physical rehab the patient will not only accomplish a faster recovery time, but will also become reeducated on lifting, bending, and twisting so as to prevent further, and future injury.