Physical Examinations

medALERT takes great strides to cater to the needs of the occupational industry, which is why we offer an array of physical examinations. We feel it is important for employers to utilize physical examinations as an essential tool when evaluating potential and current employees.

medALERT stresses the importance of pre-placement examinations as it is an indispensable device to help reveal any prior medical or injury issues.

Functional Capacity Evaluation
Provides an objective measure of a person’s functional, physical capacity.

medALERT offers Functional Capacity Evaluations. We strongly suggest that this evaluation be included in all pre-placement physicals as it is an objective measure of a person’s functional capacity, specifically with physically demanding jobs.

Asbestos Exam
A state required physical examination intended to identify asbestos-related disease.

Hazmat Exam
A physical examination with surveillance of hazardous material in the body. This exam includes a pulmonary function test which objectively screens air movement of the lungs.

Return to Work Exam
This physical exam ascertains whether any further physical restrictions or problems exist in a person that would limit ability to function under the scope of his or her job.