Work Related Injuries

Texas Workers' Compensation Program

Subscribers and Non-Subscribers

You work.  You manage risk.  Accidents happen.  Employees get hurt

We handle claims and injuries for both Subscribers and Non-Subscribers to the Texas Workers' Compensation Program.

Our balanced approach to medical care focuses on developing reasonable expectations for our clients that properly address their medical needs.  Overtreatment can be costly, and we understand that untreated or mistreated injuries can leave employees and employers open to future liability.  Our practice hinges on our ability to determine the most appropriate treatment for each injury.


Employees are assets to every company.  Our goal is to accurately diagnose and treat each injury appropriately.  This ensures minimal time away from work for employees and maximum productivity for employers.

balanced APPROACH

Employees look for quality services while Employers look for methods of cost-containment.  As a Workers' Compensation Clinic we balance our approach to medicine by striving to meet the expectation of both parties.  medALERT brings value by offering competitive and cost effective pricing without sacrificing quality of service.